Speaker Notes: Christy Wood, 3/15

Christy Wood spoke to the MOPS group on 3/15 and had some great insights to share. Christy has been married 10 years and has 2 kids who are 21 months apart. During her 10 years as part of a religious cult (dresses, long hair, courtship, homeschooling, etc.) she absorbed certain "requirements" of motherhood: gardening intense … Continue reading Speaker Notes: Christy Wood, 3/15

Contemplating the Holiday Season

This time of year there's so much to think about. In between the sparkly snowflakes like delicious meals, presents, travel, music, and general peppiness swirl some dark snowflakes. These include the heartaches of losing loved ones, sudden illnesses, unemployment and financial struggles, family tensions, loneliness, fear, guilt, unattainable expectations, and exhaustion. This year feels a … Continue reading Contemplating the Holiday Season